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What we publish

We bring research and application together. Our contributions to research
are continuously published in journals and presented at conferences.

Plankensteiner A., C. Grohs, C. Feist, R. Grill, A. Schwaiger, L. S. Sigl, H. Kestler; Sparking New Design Ideas for Electricity Generation; Metal Powder Report; 0026-0657/10:26-29; 2010.

Feist C., M. Aschaber, G. Hofstetter; Numerical Simulation of the Structural Behavior of RC Tunnel Structures Exposed to Fire; Finite Elements in Analysis and Design; 45(12):955-965; 2009.

Feist C., G. Hofstetter; Three-dimensional Fracture Simulations Based on the SDA; International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics; 31:189-212; 2007.

Feist C., G. Hofstetter; Validation of 3D Crack Propagation in Plain Concrete - Part I: Experimental Investigation - the PCT3D Test; Computers & Concrete 4:49-66; 2007.

Aschaber M., C. Feist, G. Hofstetter; Numerische Simulation des Tragverhaltens von Betontragwerken unter Brandeinwirkung; Beton- und Stahlbetonbau; 9:578-587; 2007.

Feist C., G. Hofstetter; An Embedded Strong Discontinuity Model for Cracking of Plain Concrete; Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering; 195(52):7115-7138; 2006.

Feist C., G. Hofstetter, F. Perner; Numerische Simulation des Verformungsverhaltens der Schlegeissperre; Österreichische Ingenieur- und Architektenzeitschrift (ÖIAZ); 145(3):103-108; 2000.

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